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  2. Plasma Gaming: Website Development Update - June 2019 During the last few months, I have been developing a new website for Plasma Gaming! This new portal handles all aspects of the community, and therefore integrates a 'Single-Sign In' Policy, which means you'll be able to log into all our apps with your portal login details. This includes our new Forum, which will be Invision Power Board-based, as we have found that XenForo is no longer suitable for our requirements. This portal is a great way to check and meet with friends, to arrange tournaments, and to start your own mini communities, which we have a custom-built system for. There's not much else we can reveal at the moment, as there's a lot that is still in development. We aim to release this portal by the end of this year. Main Dashboard: This is what the user will see when they enter the portal.   Tournament Screen:   Support Module: The same design layout is used for Feedback, Reports and Appeals also.   News Articles: Recruitment System: Server Status: Clubs and Games:   We hope you enjoy the preview, and look forward to the new website!
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  4. D4NNY will be streaming on Wednesdays at 12pm!
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    @Penguin will be streaming: 8-ball Pool CS:GO
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    Penguin will be streaming 8-ball Pool
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  9. Hello all, I have taken the liberty of starting a tournament on Rocket League. The Tournament is 1v1 Soccar mode, so don't worry about getting a partner. I understand it's very short notice but it is availble for those who wish to join and have fun. There is no specific rank required to join, so you can be bronze 1 or you can be a Grand Champion. If you wish to take part in the Tournament message me on Discord and I'll make sure there is a spot ready for you. If you wish to know more about the tournament, again just message me and I'll provide all the details for you. Hope to see you guys, this Saturday at 7pm. - Titan
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  12. Nooooot Nooooot!

  13. I'm slightly biased, but looking good!
  14. Hello everyone!   I am very happy to announce that the Plasmagaming PrisonRP Gmod server is now officially open for beta-testing!This means that everyone can come on the server and test it out to it's limits.To join the server go to "find multiplayer game" and then the "PrisonRP" tab, from there just search for Plasmagaming and connect.If you do come across some bugs please inform either me (Ragnar) or Titan about it so we can fix it before the official opening of the server!Until then I hope you all have fun beta-testing the server and I'll see you all there! - Ragnar
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  17.   (Thanks to @Herogus3xD from Media for the awesome cover image!) NOOT NOOT! That’s the sound of the Police! To celebrate #TMP5 (Five years of TruckersMP), we will be taking part in a Staff vs Players police chase event! We’ll have a round of players trying to chase us, then a round of us chasing you! We’ll see who the better drivers are! So, come join us in Berlin at 7pm BST on the #TMP5 Freeroam Server. For more details, please make sure you’re on our Discord server! - https://discord.plasmagc.com
  18. Within this section, you're able to suggest possible additions to Plasma! When creating a suggestion, please ensure you follow the required format below: Suggestion Name: Suggestion Information: Why should it be added: Users are able to comment opinions regarding the given suggestions - If feedback is generally negative, this may impede the suggestion and vice-versa. Management are the only ones who are able to accept / decline suggestions.
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