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  1. Plasma Gaming: Website Development Update - June 2019 During the last few months, I have been developing a new website for Plasma Gaming! This new portal handles all aspects of the community, and therefore integrates a 'Single-Sign In' Policy, which means you'll be able to log into all our apps with your portal login details. This includes our new Forum, which will be Invision Power Board-based, as we have found that XenForo is no longer suitable for our requirements. This portal is a great way to check and meet with friends, to arrange tournaments, and to start your own mini communities, which we have a custom-built system for. There's not much else we can reveal at the moment, as there's a lot that is still in development. We aim to release this portal by the end of this year. Main Dashboard: This is what the user will see when they enter the portal.   Tournament Screen:   Support Module: The same design layout is used for Feedback, Reports and Appeals also.   News Articles: Recruitment System: Server Status: Clubs and Games:   We hope you enjoy the preview, and look forward to the new website!
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  12.   (Thanks to @Herogus3xD from Media for the awesome cover image!) NOOT NOOT! That’s the sound of the Police! To celebrate #TMP5 (Five years of TruckersMP), we will be taking part in a Staff vs Players police chase event! We’ll have a round of players trying to chase us, then a round of us chasing you! We’ll see who the better drivers are! So, come join us in Berlin at 7pm BST on the #TMP5 Freeroam Server. For more details, please make sure you’re on our Discord server! - https://discord.plasmagc.com
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